The Israeli ecosystem

Building one Fintech community with all stakeholders:  Fintech companies and startups, financial institutions, regulators and official agencies, law and accounting firms, trade associations, local authorities and more. 

The benefits for members are:

  • Receive new business opportunities for their companies
  • Become part of the design process for national policies on Fintech

  • Connect decision makers directly with the people who will be most affected by their policies

  • Assist startups in their initial steps in the market, and more…

The Global Fintech Belt™

Taking an active role in building a network of international like-minded associations and organizations. We already enjoy partnerships with all major continents.

The benefits for our members are:

  • International collaboration in R&D of technologies and solutions

  • Recognized sandboxes and beta sites for testing financial innovation

  • A deeper understanding of present and future needs of key players in the global financial industry

  • New markets penetration, alignment of financial regulations and more…

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